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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Jewish Sarkozy to implement Protocol 7.2 if he becomes France's President

Last Thursday, former right-wing President Nicolas Sarkozy of the Les Républicains (LR) party declared his candidacy in November’s LR primary for next year’s presidential election, with calls for unprecedented attacks on Muslims’ basic democratic rights. Sarkozy served as president from 2007 to 2012, when he lost his re-election bid to current Socialist Party (PS) President François Hollande.
With France still under a state of emergency, Sarkozy made proposals whose political character is unmistakable: they would convert Muslims to second-class citizens deprived of basic social and democratic rights. He called for trampling Muslim women’s right to exercise their religious freedom and their democratic right to dress as they please, with plans to ban the veil and burqa in workplaces and universities. This means placing Muslim women before an intolerable choice: they must either give up their religion, or the right to work and obtain an education.
Sarkozy had chosen to issue his appeal from the town of Châteaurenard in southern France, where the neo-fascist Front National (FN) made significant electoral gains in the last regional elections.
Most of Sarkozy’s remarks were taken from his new book, Everything for France, which came out last week. In it, he announces his candidacy and calls for suspending the right for immigrants’ families abroad to join immigrants in France, drastically reducing the number of migrants, imposing harsh conditions for obtaining French nationality, and eliminating state medical aid for migrants.
Speaking at Châteaurenard, Sarkozy called for banning the veil including “in the schools, universities, public services, and in the workplaces.” He charged that such practices threaten French identity, brazenly declaring: “Our identity is threatened if we allow minorities to force upon us a lifestyle which will never be ours.” He added, “I want to be the president that re-establishes the authority of the state on every square centimeter of the Republic.”
Such remarks from a former head of state testify to a staggering disintegration of French bourgeois democracy. It is ever clearer that, amid an escalating economic and military crisis of the capitalist system, the French ruling class’ decades-long strategy of dividing the working class along ethnic lines with appeals to anti-Muslim sentiment is taking on vast new dimensions.
An entire religious community of millions of people, consisting of racial minorities largely drawn from the most oppressed sections of the working class in France, is effectively being accused of treason. The implication of Sarkozy’s remarks is that the simple act of peacefully practising a religion shared by millions of people in France means defying the authority of the state and committing an act of disloyalty to the identity of the French ethnicity.
The resurgence of racist policies underscores the deep crisis of bourgeois rule in Europe amidst rising class tensions. As made clear by the growth of neo-fascist movements across Europe—from the FN in France to the far-right Svoboda party in the NATO puppet regime in Ukraine, or the incorporation of the far-right Independent Greeks into the Syriza government in Athens—the European bourgeoisie is moving towards fascistic methods of rule.
Sarkozy’s proposals to ban Muslim women from jobs and universities recall several of the initial anti-Semitic laws of the Nazi-collaborationist Vichy regime during World War II, when it barred Jews from key professions, like medicine and the public service, and limited their access to university posts. This paved the way for Vichy to ultimately deprive Jews of French citizenship and carry out mass deportations of Jews from France to death camps across Europe.
Then as now, the targeting of entire ethnic and religious groups for persecution by the state was bound up with escalating class tensions and the eruption of imperialist war on a global scale.
Sarkozy’s Châteaurenard speech comes as the French bourgeoisie faces explosive opposition in the working class to the PS’ reactionary labor law, which scraps basic social protections for working people, and a danger of world war unprecedented since World War II. France is deeply implicated in NATO’s ongoing war preparations against Syria in the Middle East and Russia in Europe, and in Washington’s “pivot to Asia” against China.
In this context, Sarkozy pledged in Châteaurenard to introduce the compulsory military service for youth aged 18 who are unemployed or in full-time education. Accusing Hollande of failing to fight terrorism, Sarkozy declared that he would step up the war against terrorism: “In the face of the terrorist threat, I want the French people to feel certain that they are protected, instead of asking themselves why those who should govern react so weakly.”
In fact, if the PS has responded weakly to the rash of terror attacks in France and Belgium, it is because they were carried out by Islamists involved in the NATO wars in the Middle East, who continue to enjoy unofficial protection as tools of French and NATO foreign policy.
Sarkozy himself bears substantial political responsibility for this state of affairs. It was under his presidency that France played a key role in pressing for a NATO war in Libya in 2011, arming and financing Islamist proxy militias to topple Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. Hollande continued this strategy, stoking a war in Syria and supporting Al Qaeda-linked Islamist militias against the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
If Sarkozy can re-emerge to launch a presidential bid, after having been one of France’s most unpopular presidents in history, it is above all due to the filthy role of the PS government and its pseudo-left allies. Their policies of austerity, war, and law-and-order hysteria paved the way for the reassertion of ethnic and religious discrimination as a key aspect of French politics.
After last year’s Charlie Hebdo and November 13 terror attacks in Paris, both carried out by Islamists known to European intelligence services, Hollande repeatedly invited FN leader Marine Le Pen to the Elysée presidential palace to establish “national unity” against terrorism.
Hollande seized on the terror attacks to legitimize the FN, while imposing a permanent state of emergency in France. The PS imposed a state of emergency, scrapping basic democratic rights, and advocated inscribing the principle of deprivation of nationality in the French constitution.
After Sarkozy’s speech, Prime Minister Manual Valls postured as an opponent of Sarkozy, denouncing “the brutality of his proposals.” Valls added, “He is following the far right, he is taking the democratic right into its camp, and he is dragging the other candidates in the primaries, including Alain Juppé, in this direction, in this path, and it worries me.”
Valls’ comments reek of hypocrisy, as he himself favors anti-democratic policies and the incitement of anti-Muslim sentiment, supporting calls for a burkini ban. He also played the central role in cracking down in social protests against the PS labor law during the spring and early summer.
More broadly, the entire French political establishment is implicated in the stoking of anti-Muslim sentiment over more than a decade. The right-wing government of President Jacques Chirac imposed a headscarf ban in public schools in 2004, followed by a burqa ban introduced by Sarkozy and the Stalinist French Communist Party (PCF) in 2010.
Pseudo-left groups including Lutte Ouvrière (Workers Struggle, LO) and the New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA) backed the headscarf and burqa ban, fraudulently claiming it was a “secular” measure  aimed to defend women’s rights. While supporting anti-Muslim hatreds, they also supported imperialist wars launched on “humanitarian” grounds, including in Libya and Syria. They bear political responsibility for creating the conditions for Sarkozy to run a far-right campaign calling for unprecedented acts of religious discrimination.
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Syria Condemns Massacres Committed by Turkish Regime during Its Invasion of Syrian Territories

Monday, 29 August 2016 17:02
DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has stressed that  the massacres and aggressive acts committed by the Turkish regime during its invasion of Syrian territories are a crime of aggression and an evident crime against humanity. The ministry has also stressed that fighting terrorism on the Syrian lands by whatever party should have been done in coordination with the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army, urging the Security Council to pressure the Turkish regime to withdraw its forces from the Syrian territories.
 Addressing the UN Chief and President of the Security Council in two identical letters about the horrible massacres committed by the Turkish army and its allies against civilians in two Syrian villages northern Syria, the ministry said “the Turkish army’s air force and artillery in coordination with its-affiliated armed terrorist groups randomly bombarded the villages of Jeb al-Koussa and al-Amarneh in the south of Jarablus city in Aleppo. 35 civilians were martyred in the shelling, tens others were wounded and huge damage was caused to public and private properties as well as to the infrastructure of the two villages.”
Evident Crime against humanity
According to the ministry, the Turkish regime’s crimes and attacks are condemned by all moral and legal standards and they constitute a war crime and a crime against humanity whether these crimes were committed directly by the Turkish army or indirectly by Turkish regime’s tools and terrorist agents like the so-called “Free Army” and terror groups like “Deash”, “Jabhat al-Nusra”,” Ahrar al-Sham”,  “Nour Eddin Zinki”, “Liwa al-Tauheed”, “Liwa Shuhada Badr”, “Liwa al-Muhajereen”, “the Islamic Front” and “Western Turkistan organization”.
The ministry added that Turkey also keeps providing the terrorists with all kinds of weapons and ammunitions in addition to mercenaries of more than 100 different nationalities, pointing out that the Turkish media said on August 28, 2016 that the Turkish regime allowed more than 3000 terrorists to have access into Syria across the Syrian-Turkish borders in order to join the terrorist organizations in the country.
“The government of the Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms the repeated violations, attacks and massacres which have been committed by the Turkish regime against the Syrian people and against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Syrian state for more than five years,” the ministry said.
It added that “Syria urges the Security Council member states to condemn these coward crimes and to adopt effective measures that force Erdogan to stop supporting terrorism and using it as a means to interfere in  Syria’s internal affairs.”
Not a single Bullet Fired against “Daesh”  
It pointed out that in its alleged anti-Deash military operation in Syria, the Turkish forces didn’t fire a single bullet on Daesh terrorists, rather Deash joined the Turkish army and its terrorist allies and helped the army enter Jarablus, thereby providing a clear proof about Erdogan’s regime’s cooperation with Daesh and other terrorist groups.
It noted that the Turkish regime’s talk about Deash expulsion from Jarablus was actually a process to replace Deash with Turkish-backed terrorist groups.
The ministry stressed that “the French, US, British, Saudi and Qatari continuous support for the Turkish regime is but a blatant support for terrorism not only in Syria but in all countries of the world. It is also a clear-cut evidence that these countries are colluding with the Turkish regime in killing innocent people in Aleppo, Damascus, Jarablus, Lyon, Brussels and Berlin,” the ministry stressed.
Fighting terrorism should be done in coordination with Syrian government and army
  “Syria reiterates that fighting terrorism on the Syrian lands by any party should have been done in coordination with the Syrian government and the Syrian army which has been bravely battling terrorism for more than five years,” the ministry said, stressing that the Syrian government will spare no effort as to combat terrorism and achieve political solution to the crisis in Syria through Syrian-Syrian dialogue led by the Syrians themselves away from foreign interference and without preconditions.
Security Council Urged to Pressure Turkey to withdraw its forces from Syria
The ministry concluded the letter by saying that “the Syrian government urges the Security Council to shoulder its responsibility in keeping international peace and security and to call on Turkey to immediately withdraw from the Syrian lands, to respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to stop supporting the terrorist groups by completely closing its borders with Syria in implementation of international legitimacy and Security Council resolutions relating to fighting terrorism, particularly resolutions Nos. 2170 and 2178 for 2014 and resolutions Nos. 2199 and 2253 for 2015.
Hamda Mustafa



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US Peace Delegation Gives Press Briefing on Recent Visit to Syria

A group of peace activists recently gave a press briefing at the United Nations regarding their visit to Syria where they had a chance to speak with government officials as well as civil society, including members of the legitimate, nonviolent opposition. All give the same assessment: that what’s going on in Syria is not a “civil war” but an invasion by armies of terrorist mercenaries funded and backed by foreign governments.
“This is not a civil war in Syria,” said Madelyn Hoffman, executive director of New Jersey Peace Action and a member of the delegation.
“This is probably the first thing we heard, and we heard it over and over again. It is not President Assad against his own people. It is President Assad and the Syrian people all together, in unity, against outside forces, outside mercenary forces, terror organizations–and the names change every day or every other day, to try to  protect their identity and maybe keep the connection between the country that funded it and that group kind of a little bit more nebulous–but there are groups, mercenary forces supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States, and, underneath it, Israel.”
A video of the group’s full presentation is available on the UN website here. In the following video, you can see members of the delegation in Syria meeting Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic, as well as journalists.

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الرصاص يركع للرصاص .. داريا القاطرة والناتو يركب الباصات

لم يعد هناك مكان يتسع للكلام عن أهمية تحرير هذه البلدة من الناحية العسكرية والاستراتيجية فقد صارت داريا مالئة الدنيا وشاغلة الناس
.. ولكن كل هذا الكلام الذي نقوله اليوم لايساوي كثيرا أمام الكلام الذي ستحمله لنا الأيام والذي ستجره قاطرة داريا .. ولذلك أنصحكم بانتظار الكلام الأهم الذي لم يقل بعد لأن نصر داريا ليس فيما حدث من تحرير بل فيما سيحدث غدا .. بعد انهيار داريا بشكل دراماتيكي .. فليس من هزم في داريا المجموعات المسلحة الارهابية بل جيوش الدول التي كانت تقف وراءهم .. وتعدهم بالنجدة ولكنها لم تجرؤ على المغامرة ..
هناك أشياء بسيطة تفوق في رمزيتها كل رمز .. فمنظر الجيوش المستسلمة أكثر ايلاما من منظر الجيوش التي تموت وتنتشر جثث رجالها في المعركة .. لأن الموت هو منطق الحرب الذي يتفهمه المتحاربون ويقبلون به كهدف بين متحاربين .. والمحارب يخرج للحرب وأول مايفكر به هو احتمال الموت ولذلك فانه يقبل به ويعتبر أنه صار على قيد الموت لا الحياة الى أن تنتهي الحرب .. أما مشهد الجيش الذي يرحل ويحمل راياته البيضاء فهو أكثر ترويعا من الموت لأن من يحارب يحارب من أجل الا يرفع راية بيضاء وكي يبقى على قيد “الموت أو النصر” ..
ان استعراض الجيش الالماني المنتصر وهو يمر تحت قوس النصر في باريس هو الذي علق بذاكرة الفرنسيين ولم يعلق في الذاكرة مشهد الجنود الفرنسيين الذين تحطموا وانتشرت جثثهم في الطريق الى باريس .. كما أن طريق الموت في الكويت الذي انتشرت على طرفيه قوافل الجيش العراقي المنسحب وقد أبيدت بعد خديعة ومكر الامريكيين الذين قصفوا الجنود العراقيين المنسحبين – بعد اتفاق الانسحاب دون غطاء جوي – ليست مريعة وصادمة بقدر ماهو حجم الصدمة والروع .
وليست صبرا وشاتيلا هي أقسى مشهد في السيرة الفلسطينية
بل منظر ركوب السفن ورحيل المقاتلين الفلسطينيين عن بيروت التي لم يعودوا اليها كأنما تقول الحرب ان من بقي على قيد الحياة هم أضعف خلق الله .. ويستحقون الشفقة وأن يحملوا في السفن كما تحمل البضائع المعدة للتصدير ..
ان المقاتل الذي يقرر الاستسلام ويركع رصاصه أمام رصاص عدوه .. انما يركع معه الزمن الذي سار معه .. أما من يموت في الحرب فان الحرب تركع له ولشجاعته ..
اليوم لاتوجد هناك جيوش تستسلم في مدن سورية بل مجموعات ارهابية وجيش من الحمقى المغفلين الذين خدعتهم الشعارات البراقة والوعود التي كانت تطعم المقاتلين الهواء والخواء والذين لن أحتفي اليوم بخروجهم ولن أحزن لأنني أعتبرهم ضحايا الوهم والخديعة .. وأنا شخصيا لاأحس أن من خرج من داريا هو مسلحوها لأن خلف هذه المجموعات المسلحة التي تستسلم كانت خلفها جيوش دول هي التي تستسلم اليوم .. جيش تركيا الذي كان يريد اقتحام دمشق .. وجيش السعودية .. وجيش “بيت العنكبوت” .. وجيش الناتو .. كل هذه الجيوش هي التي ركبت الباصات في داريا ورفعت الراية البيضاء .. ورحلت مهزومة ..
تتوالى مشاهد الرحيل وحزم الحقائب الارهابية .. ويضع كل مسلح الزمن الذي سار معه في صرة وحقيبة وباص .. وعندما يرحل الزمن لايعود .. وقبول الجيش باستسلام خصمه يعني أنه لم يعد يرى في خصمه مايستدعي قتله والاجهاز عليه لأنه لم يعد مخيفا له .. وخصمه لايريد شيئا بعد اليوم سوى البقاء على قيد الحياة .. فيما الحرب هي أن تبقى على قيد الموت أو النصر ..
منظر رحيل من يسمون بالثوار والمسلحين الذي يتكرر منذ افراغ حمص هو من أقسى المناظر التي عاشتها العيون التي رعت المؤامرة الاخوانية والعالمية على سورية .. ومن أقسى ماتتابعه اعين رجال المخابرات في محور العدوان الكوني على سورية لأن من كان يريد ان يضع النظام والدولة في باصات ويرحلهما الى محكمة لاهاي كما وعدنا الثورجيون تحولوا الى بضاعة زائدة تحملها الباصات وترميها بعيدا مع الجيوش الخفية للدول التي كانت تدعمها بكل طاقتها ..
Image result for ‫كاريكاتير الحرب العالمية على سوريا‬‎
الرصاص في داريا استسلم للرصاص .. والراحلون رحلوا الى غير رجعة .. ورجالنا أثبتوا أنهم يحاربون وهم يعرفون أنهم على قيد النصر .. وقاطرة داريا انطلقت .. وهي تجر خلفها عربات بلا نهاية وفي كل عربة جيش من جيوش الناتو المنسحبة والمختبئ تحت ثياب المسلحين وبين المدنيين خوفا من الفضيحة ..
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ستبكون لأجل اتفاق كداريّاYou will cry for an agreement such as Darya

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Those who emerge on the Saudi satellites as the Syrians of the coalition, the group of the negotiators, and those who hold titles as the Free Army, experts, and analysts are crying much over the agreement of Darya, which allowed for a group of killers to depart safely to a distant area as Idlib,  where all the remnant of the armed groups may gather and weep seeking for an agreement such as Darya , after it has provided for their incubating background and their families safe dwelling places to prevent any  revenge from hundreds of those who lost their dear ones of soldiers and officers at their hands. This is rare in wars such as the Syrian war. This has led the Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who accompanied and accompanies, observed and observes the course of war to say that the example of Darya is worthy of generalizing, not just because he wants to see the fall of the areas in which the killers are gathering holding falsely the title of rebels return to the bosom of the Syrian country, but to encourage the Syrian country to continue the course of Darya which Lavrov is afraid of the difficulty of its applying in the coming stages of the war,  when we approach from the fate of Idlib. And because those who emerge on TVs work under the command of the owner of the matter and the money, so there is no restriction on their speech, as long as those who put them in such a position as the position of Darya know the meaning of Lavrov’s speech. So they hurry up to ask for the repetition of the example before the clock strikes. Here the important examples are not from Hai Al Waer in Homs or from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, and surely not from Moadamieh but from Duma where the negotiation started on a settlement that starts with sending hundreds of hostages that are arrested by the militants of Duma from the days of massacres of Adra Al Omaliya towards a settlement that ends the fight.
What is going on is bigger than what can be comprehended by the narrow-minded as the mind of Michael Kilo and who is alike. The compatibility has been settled that Saudi Arabia pays the cost of the region’s wars and Turkey escapes, But as a result of the foolishness through which the Kurdish leadership behaved in the northern of Syria, it will make the loss from the share of the Kurds’ issue which was under a Russian Syrian Iranian care position, before the leaders of the Kurds put their fate at the hands of the Americans who have sold them to the Turks, all the groups of Saudi Arabia will pay the cost along with them. The separation between the terrorism and the opposition is made according to the equation of the separation between the groups of Saudi Arabia which are gathering in Idlib and the groups of Turkey which go to fight ISIS and want to reserve a seat in Geneva and a similar seat in a unified government under the presidency of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, waiting the elections which they know that they will re-lead the President Al-Assad to the presidential palace. Saudi Arabia which its project falls in Syria with the fall of Darya, because it is in the countryside of Damascus in which Darya is its pillar and where Duma represents its backyard, so it is the only place for a Saudi influence where the Turkish Janissary bayonets do not guard it, as the situation in the northern of Syria. So the Turks were granted an opportunity to get rid of their Kurdish nightmare after the Kurdish leadership has committed deadly sin by denying its Syrian identity for the account of direct subordination to the Americans, and now it pays its cost, in return the Turks have given the groups of Saudi Arabia, because the place does not have room for two and the time does not allow to wait long.
Saudi Arabia is losing in Najran, Jizan, and Asir, because the news talks about the approaching of the fall of the Yemeni historic provinces at the hands of the army units and the popular committees which approach from the cities. The certified information from there proves that truckloads of Patriot missiles are rushing to nearby lines in anticipation of the next round of war, which the Saudis are behaving on the basis that it accompanies the entry to the cities in the three provinces, and the dominance of the Yemeni army which is opposes Saudi Arabia, along with the popular committees which are advocates of Al Houthis. The problem of Riyadh is that it accepted lately the initiative which is launched by the US Secretary of State John Kerry of Yemeni unified national government as the Yemenis say, because the formulation of Kerry’s plan as a valid framework to cease fire will take longer than the time required for achieving the task of cleansing the provinces of Jizan, Najran ,and Asir by the army and the committees. The Saudis have exhausted all their allies from the Gulf to Sudan, thus they only have one way in front of them  it is the announcement of the get out of the war of Yemen unilaterally under any excuse, in exchange of an implicit understanding of stopping the Yemeni crawling inside the official Saudi borders and the historic Yemeni areas, otherwise the Saudi officials and soldiers who deploy in the provinces of Aden, Taiz, and Marib would hope  to make a  settlement and agreement as the settlement and the agreement of Darya.
The moments of the comprehensive attack seem close in the fronts of Yemen and Syria, after the roles and the lineups have formulated, and after the Americans and the Turks have understood that the bank of victorious is possible and available in two conditions. The first is to cancel the Syrian country, its president, and its army from the list of the dreams of their victories. The second is to take a part in the victory against the enemies of the Syrian country not on its friends, even if they were their friends. This is true according to the Turks in case of Saudi Arabia, Al Nusra front, and Ahrar Al Sham, and it is true according to America in case of Saudi Arabia as well as for the militias which they trained and armed whether Kurdish or Islamic ones. Everyone is aware that, the victory is of course for the intelligent and the powerful, and those who exert their blood generously. But the problem of the American, the Turkish, and the Saudi is that they afraid of exerting blood, all of their cleverness is by employing the stupid to exert the blood on their behalves, while in the axis of the resistance there is the cleverness and the making blood. The ceilings of the victories depend on the degree of cleverness and sacrificing. The Russian Iranian Syrian alliance wins on Turkey and America, but they support them to win on Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Kurdish militias. The hierarchy from the cleverest to the lower cleverness is the scene of the Syrian victory. Thus Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda will be in the bottom of the pyramid; while there will be a place for the positioning of the Kurdish leadership in a correct place to survive from the accumulation of the stones over the heads.
Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

ستبكون لأجل اتفاق كداريّا

ناصر قنديل
– تُكثر وجوه الفضائيات السعودية من سوريّي الائتلاف وجماعة المفاوضين ومَن يحملون ألقاباً بمسمّى «الجيش الحر» وخبراء ومحللين، من البكاء على اتفاق داريّا، الذي سمح لمجموعة من القتلة بالخروج بأمان إلى منطقة بعيدة هي إدلب، ربما تتجمّع فيها كلّ بقايا الجماعات المسلحة ويبكون فيها طلباً لاتفاق كداريّا، ووفّر لبيئتهم الحاضنة وعائلاتهم أماكن سكن آمن منعاً لأيّ انتقام من مئات الذين فقدوا أعزاءهم من الجنود والضباط على أيديهم. وهذا نادر في حروب كالحرب السورية، وهو ما دفع بوزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف الذي رافق ويرافق وراقب ويراقب مسار الحرب، للقول إنّ نموذج داريا جدير بالتعميم، ليس فقط لأنه يرغب برؤية مشاهد سقوط البؤر التي يتجمّع فيها قتلة يحملون زوراً لقب «ثوار»، وهي تعود إلى حضن الدولة السورية، بل تشجيعاً للدولة السورية على متابعة مسار داريا، الذي يخشى لافروف من صعوبة تطبيقه في المراحل المقبلة من الحرب عندما نقترب من مصير إدلب، ولأنّ المتتلفزين يعملون بإمرة صاحب الأمر والمال، فلا قيد على كلامهم، طالما يعلم من وضعهم كوضع داريا معنى كلام لافروف، فيسارعون إلى طلب تكرار المثال عليهم قبل أن تدق الساعة. وهنا ليست الأمثلة المهمة من حي الوعر في حمص ولا من الأحياء الشرقية في حلب، ولا المعضمية بالتأكيد، بل من دوما حيث بدأ التفاوض على تسوية تبدأ بتسليم مئات من الرهائن يحتجزها مسلّحو دوما من أيام مجازرهم في عدرا العمالية، وصولاً إلى تسوية تُنهي القتال.

– الذي يجري أكبر من أن تدركه عقول مسطّحة كعقل ميشيل كيلو، ومَن مثله، فالتوافق قد تمّ على أن تدفع السعودية ثمن حروب المنطقة، وأن تنجو تركيا بجلدها، وبسبب الغباء الذي تصرّفت به القيادة الكردية شمال سورية، ستجعل الخسارة من نصيب قضية الأكراد التي كانت موضع عناية روسية سورية إيرانية، قبل أن يضع قادة الأكراد مصيرهم بيد الأميركيين الذين باعوهم للأتراك. وكلّ جماعات السعودية ستدفع الثمن معها، والفصل بين الإرهاب والمعارضة يتمّ وفق معادلة الفصل بين جماعات السعودية التي تتجمّع في إدلب، وجماعات تركيا الذين يذهبون لقتال داعش، وحجز مقعد مقابل ذلك في جنيف، ومثله في حكومة موحدة في ظلّ رئاسة الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد، بانتظار الانتخابات التي يعلمون أنها ستعود بالرئيس الأسد إلى قصر الرئاسة، والسعودية التي يسقط مشروعها في سورية، بسقوط داريا، لأنه ريف دمشق الذي تشكل داريّا قلبه وعصبه وتشكل دوما حديقته الخلفية، المكان الوحيد لنفوذ سعودي لا تحرسه الحراب الانكشارية التركية، كما هي الحال في شمال سورية، فمنح الأتراك فرصة التخلّص من كابوسهم الكردي، بعدما ارتكبت القيادة الكردية خطيئة مميتة بإنكار سوريتها لحساب تبعية مباشرة للأميركيين، وها هي تدفع ثمنها. وفي المقابل سلّم الأتراك فروة الرأس السعودية، فالمكان لا يتسع لاثنين، ولا الوقت يسمح بالانتظار طويلاً.

– فروة الرأس السعودية يتساقط شعرها في نجران وجيزان وعسير، حيث الأنباء من هناك تتحدّث عن قرب سقوط المحافظات اليمنية التاريخية بيد وحدات الجيش واللجان الشعبية التي باتت على أبواب المدن، والمعلومات المؤكدة من هناك أنّ شاحنات محمّلة بوحدات صواريخ الباتريوت تهرع إلى الخطوط القريبة تحسّباً للجولة المقبلة من الحرب، التي بات يتصرّف السعوديون على قاعدة أنها ستكون مع دخول المدن في المحافظات الثلاث وسيطرة الجيش اليمني المعارض للسعودية ومعه اللجان الشعبية المؤيدة للحوثيين، ومشكلة الرياض أنها قبلت المبادرة التي أطلقها وزير الخارجية الأميركي جون كيري بحكومة وحدة وطنية يمنية، متأخرة كما يقول اليمنيون، لأنّ بلورة خطة كيري كإطار صالح لوقف النار سيستغرق وقتاً أطول من الوقت اللازم لإنجاز الجيش واللجان مهمة تطهير محافظات جيزان ونجران وعسير، وقد استنفد السعوديون كلّ حلفائهم من الخليج إلى السودان، وبقي أمامهم طريق واحد هو إعلان الخروج من حرب اليمن من طرف واحد، بأيّ ذريعة، مقابل تفاهم ضمني على وقف الزحف اليمني داخل الحدود السعودية الرسمية وفي المناطق اليمينة التاريخية، وإلا سيتمنى الضباط والجنود السعوديون المنتشرون في محافظات عدن وتعز ومأرب، تسوية واتفاقاً كتسوية واتفاق داريّا.

المقطع الحربي من قلل الشيباني بعسير الذي أرعب نظام آل سعود واسقط قناة المسيرة من النايلسات

– لحظات الهجوم الشامل تبدو قريبة، في جبهات اليمن وسورية، وقد تبلورت الأدوار، والاصطفافات، وفهم الأميركيون والأتراك أنّ الوقوف على ضفة المنتصرين ممكن ومتاح بشرطين، الأول أن يزيلوا الدولة السورية ورئيسها وجيشها من لائحة أحلام انتصاراتهم. والثاني أن يشاركوا في النصر على أعداء الدولة السورية وليس على أصدقائها، ولو كانوا أصدقاءهم. وهذا يصحّ بالنسبة للأتراك في حال السعودية وجبهة النصرة، وأحرار الشام، ويصحّ أميركياً بالنسبة للسعودية أصلاً وكذلك للميليشيات التي درّبوها وسلّحوها كردية وإسلامية، والكلّ يدرك ذلك، النصر للأذكياء والأقوياء طبعاً، ومَن يبذلون دماءهم بسخاء أصلاً. ومشكلة الأميركي والتركي والسعودي أنهم يخشون بذل الدماء، وكلّ ذكائهم هو بتجنيد أغبياء يبذلون الدم عنهم، بينما يجتمع في محور المقاومة الذكاء وبذل الدماء، وسقوف الانتصارات تتراتب على درجة تراتب الذكاء وبذل الدماء. فالحلف الروسي الإيراني السوري ينتصر على تركيا وأميركا، لكنه يدعهما تنتصران على السعودية والقاعدة وداعش، والميليشيات الكردية. تراتب الأذكى فالأدنى ذكاء هو مشهد النصر السوري ولهذا يقف السعوديون والقاعدة في أسفل الهرم، وتبقى نافذة لتموضع القيادة الكردية في مكان صحيح لتنجو من تراكم ردم الحجارة فوق الرؤوس.

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Haaretz: “No Body Was Hurt” Means “No Jew Was Hurt”

An Israeli writer slammed the Israeli media in covering up attacks by occupation soldiers against peaceful Palestinians.
Gideon Levy, a columnist in Israeli daily Haaretz, said “no one bats an eye” on Friday’s killing of a Palestinian innocent man by an Israeli soldier at the Yabrud checkpoint in the West Bank.
Israeli occupation forces“It’s not terror, or apartheid, or racism or dehumanization. It’s only killing a subhuman,” Levy said, noting that military reporters cited contradicting stories about the attack.
“Actually, they (Israeli soldiers) didn’t see a man. They saw a subhuman. They shot him as they were taught. The military reporters reported also as taught: “A terrorist fired a weapon at a pillbox post in Ofra. Nobody was hurt. The force fired back and the terrorist was killed.””
“There is no contradiction between “nobody was hurt” and “the terrorist was killed,”the report added.
“Only Jews can be hurt. An update followed: “The Kfir squad commander, who saw the terrorist throw a firebomb at an IDF pillbox in Silwad, shot and killed him. Nobody was hurt.” Now the shooting had turned into “a firebomb.” A short time later, it was reported: “Apparently, he was mentally unstable. A search on his body resulted with no findings.” In other words, murder.”
Levy said the military reporter in the Zionist entity “buy blindly, fervidly, what the ruling authorities dictate to them.”
“The lies about what happened on Friday at the Yabrud checkpoint were spread by the IDF, of course. Afterward the IDF corrected itself, and only after that did the reporters follow suit and report: “the Palestinian didn’t try to attack the soldiers.” Good evening and Shabbat Shalom,” the Israeli columnist said, referring to Israeli occupation soldiers.
He added that the Palestinian killed was Iyad Hamed, of Silwad, who was on his way to Friday prayers in the mosque.
Years ago he hurt his head in a traffic accident and since then had been mentally unstable. He was 38, a father of three, including a baby. A witness who testified to B’Tselem Saturday, Iyad Hadad, said Hamed had lost his way, panicked when he saw the soldiers at the checkpoint and ran. He ran for his life. He wasn’t armed, he endangered no one, according to the report.
Moreover, Paramedic Yihia Mubarak believes he was shot in the back as he ran. He saw an entry wound in the victim’s back and an exit wound in his chest. Hamed died on the spot.
“Shortly afterward his body was returned. Israel’s lust for bodies was satiated this time, after it transpired that Hamed had been killed although he had done nothing wrong,” Levy said.
“Israel is allowed to do anything. Are the Palestinians allowed to take revenge for the killing of their friend?,” Levy wondered, adding that this question was “ludicrous.”
“If an Israeli dog had been killed by a Palestinian assailant, Israel would have been much more shocked than by Hamed’s killing. A thousand reports are published about every West Bank settler who is murdered, yet Friday’s killing of an innocent man evoked one big yawn. It’s not terror, or apartheid, or racism or dehumanization. It’s only killing a subhuman.”
The Israeli writer also cited another story on Israeli killings of Palestinians.
“I was in Silwad about nine months ago, after Border Policemen killed Mahdia Hamed, a 40-year-old mother of four. The Border Policemen claimed she had tried to run them over with her car, but eyewitnesses testified she had been driving slowly. At home, her 10-month-old infant was waiting to be breast-fed.”
“They shot her several times and the bullets pierced and ran through her body. Nobody was put on trial. The widower, Adiv Hamed, asked me then, in his naivety: “Do the Israelis know what happened? Was there a public debate in Israel after she was killed?””
“I was silent with shame,” Levy concluded.

Source: Israeli Media
29-08-2016 – 16:01 Last updated 29-08-2016 – 16:01
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US-NATO-Turkey Invasion of Northern Syria: CIA “Failed” Turkey Coup Lays Groundwork for Broader Middle East War?

Global Research, August 29, 2016
northsyria20160828 turkey
In mid-July, President Erdogan pointed his finger at the CIA, accusing US intelligence of having supported a failed coup directed against his government. Turkish officials pointed to a deterioration of US-Turkey relations following Washington’s refusal to extradite Fethullah Gülen, the alleged architect of the failed coup.
Erdogan’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag was categorical:
“If the US does not deliver (Gulen), they will sacrifice relations with Turkey for the sake of a terrorist” 
Public opinion was led to believe that relations with the US had not only deteriorated, but that Erdogan had vowed to restore “an axis of friendship” with Moscow, including “cooperation in the defence sector”. This was a hoax.
Turkey’s Invasion of Syria
The implementation of the Turkish invasion required routine consultations with the US and NATO, coordination of military logistics, intelligence, communications systems, coordination of ground and air operations, etc. To be effectively carried, these military endeavors required a cohesive and “friendly” US-Turkey relationship.
We are not dealing with a piecemeal military initiative. Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield could not have taken place without the active support of the Pentagon, which ultimately calls the shots in the war on Syria.
The likely scenario is that from mid July to mid-August US, NATO and Turkish officials were actively involved in planning the next stage of the war on Syria: an (illegal) invasion led by Turkish ground-forces, backed by the US and NATO.
Map of the Turkish-led offensive in the northern Aleppo Governorate, showing the ongoing developments in west of Euphrates River. Source Wikipedia
The Failed Coup Sets the Stage for a Ground Invasion
1. Massive purges within the armed forces and government were implemented in the immediate wake of the July coup. They had been planned well in advance.  ”Arrested immediately were 2,839 army personnel with 2,745 Judges and Prosecutors ordered detained… In under a week 60,000 people had been fired or detained and 2,300 institutions closed” … “   (See Felicity Arbuthnot, Global Research, August 2, 2016)
2.The coup was intended to fail. Erdogan had advanced knowledge of the coup and so did Washington. There was no conspiracy directed by the CIA against Erdogan. Quite the opposite, the failed coup was in all likelihood engineered by the CIA in liaison with Erdogan. It was intended to consolidate and reinforce the Erdogan regime as well as rally the Turkish people behind their president and his military agenda “in the name of democracy”.
3. The purges within the Armed Forces were intended to get rid of members of the military hierarchy who were opposed to an invasion of Syria. Did the CIA assist Erdogan in establishing the lists of military officers, judges and senior government officials to be arrested or fired? The Turkish media was also targeted, many of which were closed down.
4. Erdogan used the July 15 coup to accuse Washington of supporting the Gulen movement while seeking a fake rapprochement with Moscow. He flew to St Petersburg on August 9, for a behind closed doors meeting with President Putin. In all likelihood, the scenario of a rift between Ankara and Washington coupled with the “my friend Putin” narrative had been approved by the Obama administration. It was part of a carefully designed intelligence ploy coupled with media disinformation. President Erdogan, vowed according to Western media reports: “to restore an ‘axis of friendship’ between Ankara and Moscow amid a growing rift between Turkey and the West.”
5. While “mending the fence” with Russia, Turkey’s military and intelligence apparatus was involved in planning the invasion of Northern Syria in liaison with Washington and NATO headquarters in Brussels. The underlying objective is to ultimately confront and weaken Syria’s military allies: Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.
In St Petersburg in the immediate wake of the July 15 failed coup, Erdogan thanked his “dear friend” Vladimir Putin.
“The fact Mr Putin called me the next day after the coup attempt was a very strong psychological factor,” he said at a joint press conference.  “The axis of friendship between Moscow and Ankara will be restored,” he said. Telegraph, August 7, 2016
Did Putin know that the failed coup, covertly supported by the CIA, was meant to fail? One suspects that Russian intelligence was aware of the ploy and was also informed regarding Turkey’s invasion plans:
“Your visit today, despite a very difficult situation regarding domestic politics, indicates that we all want to restart dialogue and restore relations between Russia and Turkey,” Mr Putin said as the pair met in the city’s Constantine Palace.
… Mr Putin on Tuesday said Russia would “step by step” lift sanctions, … Mr Erdogan in turn promised to back major Russian energy projects in Turkey, including the construction of the country’s first nuclear power station and a gas pipeline to Europe.
He also said the two countries would step up “cooperation in the defence sector,” but did not elaborate.
The Putin-Erdogan Saint Petersburg meeting was interpreted by the media as a rapprochement with Moscow in response to the alleged involvement of the CIA in the failed coup.
According to the Washington Post, an improvised about-turn in US-NATO-Turkey relations had occurred despite Erdogan’s “friendly” encounter with Putin:
NATO went out of its way Wednesday to insist that Turkey — whose president this week visited Moscow and promised a new level of cooperation with the man he repeatedly called his “dear friend,” Russian President Vladi­mir Putin — remains a “valued ally” whose alliance membership “is not in question.”
In a statement posted on its website, NATO said it was responding to “speculative press reports regarding NATO’s stance regarding the failed coup in Turkey and Turkey’s NATO membership.”
A nonsensical report. In actuality, the Pentagon, NATO, the Turkish High Command and Israel are in permanent liaison. Israel is a de facto member of NATO, it has a comprehensive bilateral military and intelligence relationship with Turkey.
With the invasion of  the border area of Northern Syria and the influx of Turkish tanks and armoured vehicles,  the Turkey-Russia relationship is in crisis. And that is the ultimate objective of US foreign policy.
Russian forces are acting on behalf of their Syrian ally.
How will the Kremlin and Russia’s High Command respond to what constitutes a US-Turkey-NATO ground invasion of Syria?
How will they confront Turkish and allied forces? One assumes that Russia will avoid direct military confrontation.
After the US, Turkey is NATO’s heavy weight.
Sofar the Turkish op is limited to a small border territory. Nonetheless it constitutes and important landmark in the evolution of the Syria war: invasion of a sovereign country in derogation of international law. Washington’s endgame remains “regime change” in Damascus.
Is the military initiative a preamble for a larger military undertaking on the part of Turkey supported by US-NATO? In many regards, Turkey is acting as a US proxy:
Turkey’s incursion was backed by US air-cover, drones, and embedded special forces per the WSJ. These were there largely to prevent Russia and Syria from even thinking about taking action against the invading forces.
Turkey is moving into Syria not just with its own military, but with thousands of “rebel opposition groups” including US-backed FSA brigades allied with AlQaeda/Nusra/Sham and the child head-chopping al-Zinki who are reported to form the vanguard. Syrian territory is outright being turned over to them by the Turkish military, simply exchanging control from one group of terrorist jihadis (ISIS) to others who are more media acceptable and more direct proxies of the Erdogan regime, the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
That said, ISIS has not resisted the Turkish advance at all – simply “melting away” (or exchanging one set of uniforms for another?). (Moon  of Alabama
Do the SAA Syrian forces have the military capabilities of confronting Turkish ground forces without Russian and Iranian support? How will Tehran react to  the influx of Turkish forces? Will it come to the rescue of its Syrian ally?
An “incident” could be used as a pretext to justify a broader NATO-led war. Article 5 of the Washington Treaty (NATO’s founding document) states under the doctrine of “collective security” that an attack against one member state of the Atlantic Alliance (e.g. Turkey) is an attack against all members states of the Atlantic Alliance.
Dangerous crossroads. With the incursion of Turkish ground forces, military confrontation with Syria’s allies, namely Iran and Russia, is a distinct possibility which could lead to a  process of escalation beyond Syria’s borders.
The Erdogan-Jo Biden Meeting 
From Washington’s perspective, this ground invasion sets the stage for a possible annexation of part of Northern Syria by Turkey. It also opens the door for the deployment of US-NATO ground force operations directed against central and southern Syria.
Erdogan met up with Vice President Biden on August 23, following the influx of Turkish tanks into Northern Syria. The invasion is carefully coordinated with the US which provided extensive air force protection. There is no rift between Ankara and Washington, quite the opposite:
It [is] difficult to believe that Turkey truly suspected the US of an attempted decapitation of the nation’s senior leadership in a violent, abortive coup just last month, only to be conducting joint operations with the US inside Syria with US military forces still based within Turkish territory.
What is much more likely is that the coup was staged to feign a US-Turkish fallout, draw in Russia and allow Turkey to make sweeping purges of any elements within the Turkish armed forces that might oppose a cross-border foray into Syria, a foray that is now unfolding.  (See The New Atlas, Global Research, August 24, 2016)
Media reports convey the illusion that the Biden-Erdogan meetings were called to discuss the extradition of the alleged architect of the failed coup Gulen. This was a smokescreen. Jo Biden who had also met Erdogan back in January, gave the green-light on behalf of Washington for a joint US-Turkey-NATO military incursion into Syria.
The Kurdish Question
The invasion is not directed against Daesh (ISIS) which is protected by Ankara, it is geared towards fighting SAA forces as well as Kurdish YPG forces, which are “officially” supported by the US. The US supported ISIS-Daesh and Al Qaeda affiliated rebels are working hand in give with the Turkish invaders.
The invasion is also part of a longstanding project by Turkey of creating a “safe-haven” within Northern Syria (see map above) which can be used to extend US-NATO-Turkey military operations Southwards into Syria’s heartland.
Biden said the Kurds, who Turkey claims intend to establish a separate state along a border corridor in conjunction with Turkey’s own Kurdish population, “cannot, will not, and under no circumstances will get American support if they do not keep” what he said was a commitment to return to the east.
Washington will no doubt eventually clash with Ankara with regard to Turkey’s project of territorial expansion in Northern Syria. Washington’s longstanding objective is to create a Kurdish State in Northern Syria, within the framework of a territorial breakup of both Syria and Iraq. (see US National War Academy map below). In a bitter irony, this “New Middle East” project also consists in annexing part of Turkey to the proposed Kurdish State. In other words, Turkey’s  New Ottoman objective of territorial expansion  encroaches upon Washington’s design to fragment Iraq, Syria, Iran  as well as Turkey. In other words, America’s ultimate imperial design is to weaken Turkey as a regional power.
The Pentagon has defined a military roadmap: “The road to Tehran goes through Damascus.” The invasion of Northern Syria creates conditions for a broader war.
Moreover, on the US agenda is a longstanding objective, namely  to wage war on Iran. In this regard, US military strategy largely consists in creating conditions  for America’s staunchest allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel) to confront Iran, and act indirectly on behalf of US interests. i.e. “do the job for us”.

 The following map was prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters. It was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006, Peters is a retired colonel of the U.S. National War Academy. (Map Copyright Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters 2006).
Although the map does not officially reflect Pentagon doctrine, it has been used in a training program at NATO’s Defense College for senior military officers. This map, as well as other similar maps, has most probably been used at the National War Academy as well as in military planning circles.
The failed coup was indeed supported by the CIA, but the failure was coordinated with President Erdogan. It was an intelligence op which was meant to fail and mislead public opinion.
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